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Living in the community: news and webcast
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Jan. 27, 2004 -- On Wednesday, Feb. 4, advocates interested in learning more about how to achieve "affordable, accessible and Integrated housing" in their communities can attend a free online webcast presented by ILRU (Independent Living Research Utilization). This webcast is Part 2 of the "Affordable, Accessible, and Integrated Housing 101" training. The Part 1 webcast was presented Oct. 30. You can read a transcript of that webcast online.

The webcast will be presented by Steve Gold and Jay Klein. Klein directs the National Home of Your Own Alliance at the Institute on Disability at the University of New Hampshire. Attorney Steve Gold specializes in disability rights law; he successfully argued the case known as Helen L. In that case, the court ruled that requiring someone to receive services in a segregated nursing home rather than allowing them to get services in their own home is discriminatory. Gold has also helped numerous advocacy groups fight for better in-home services in wake of the Olmstead Supreme Court ruling. Just last week, as a result of a lawsuit filed by Louisiana's Advocacy Center (on which Gold consulted), Medicaid residents of Louisiana will be able to receive services at home rather than in a nursing home. Read more about the victory on our website.

But winning the legal right for people to get services in their homes is only half the battle; there has to be housing available for them to live in as well. Next Wednesday's webcast will help advocates learn how to get such housing in their communities.

To link to the Web cast and download accompanying materials, go to and click on "Wednesday, February 4, 2004." For instructions on how to access the webcast, visit A visit to this site a few days prior to the webcast will allow you to test your computer, software, and your system configuration. For technical assistance, please go to or contact a team member at or 713.520.0232 (v) 713.520.5136 (TTY). Those planning on attending the webcast are asked to email ILRU's Sharon Finney at with "webcast 2/4" in the subject line.

Learn more about the Olmstead ruling.

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