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'Homebound rule' coverage the work of disability columnists in nation's newspapers
Note to readers: links to news articles may not work after a few weeks, as news media remove current stories to their archives. The link may take you to the archives section, where, for a fee, you can view the article.

July 17, 2001 -- Sunday's Denver Post carried a story about the Medicare "homebound rule." That's the rule that says says that recipients of Medicare-paid home care must be "confined to the home." The story, by former New Mobility editor Barry Corbet, is one of only a few articles to appear in the media about the rule and about the continuing effort to change it. Read Corbet's story in the Denver Post at,1002,75%257E67950,00.html

We wrote about problem with the "homebound rule" in our Feb. 20 E-letter ("NEW EFFORT GROWS TO ABOLISH 'HOMEBOUND' RULE") when we reported on efforts of Atlanta David Jayne to fight the rule and to begin a campaign to change it (see

Since then a number of disability issues columnists have taken up the issue in the nation's newspapers. Last Thursday, Orlando Sentinel disability columnist Mona Hughes wrote "Time To Change Medicare Home-Bound Rule" (available online at In April, "Imperfect Navigator" columnist Alexandria Berger of the Norfolk (Va.) The Virginian-Pilot wrote on April 23 ("Homebound rule holds some disabled folks prisoner," available for a fee at The first column to appear on the issue was Michael Volkman's in the Albany (NY) Time Union Dec. 24, 2000 ("'Homebound rule' must be abolished" available for a fee in the archives at

If it weren't for disability columnists, though, the issue would get practically no coverage. Although Jayne was profiled in People magazine's April 16 issue, Nick Charles' piece focused mostly on the gee-whiz aspects and dealt little with the larger issue of the 'homebound rule' ( "Brave Heart: Penalized by Medicare for refusing to be a prisoner of his fatal disease, David Jayne teaches others life's lessons: Love deeply and never give up").

The bill to amend the rule, HR 1490, was introduced in April by Rep. Edward J. Markey, ( D - MA)  and referred to House Ways and Means Committee's Subcommittee on Health; there's been no action since. You can follow the action of bill in the House at the Library of Congress' U.S. Congress website at

Other links, including one to the original story about Jayne that ran in last November's Atlanta Journal-Constitution, are available from our website at

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