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Sept. 23, 2003 -- Towson University journalism professor Beth Haller, Ph.D. maintains a website that provides a wealth of information about disability and mass media. Haller is Associate Professor of Journalism in the Towson University Dept. of Mass Communication & Communication Studies.

Her webpage of Mass Media & Disability Links is online at There are links to book publishers, films and broadcasts, organizational publications, web publications and research groups. Of particular interest to those interested in media research is the link to the website of the Media & Disability Interest Group of the Association of Educators in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC) --

Visit the listserv of the group ( to search the archives for specific topics.

Haller's site links to extensive Media & Disability Bibliography as well. This biography, also project of the Media & Disability Interest Group, offers a listing of articles from 1930 to the present. It's online at

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