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HBO to re-air Academy Award-winning "King Gimp" in January
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Dec. 17, 2002 -- "Welcome to the wonderful world of gimpness!!" proclaims Dan Keplinger's website at Keplinger may be better known as King Gimp. The 39-minute documentary of that name, produced by Susan Hadary and Bill Whiteford, was a 2000 Academy Award winner. HBO will be re-airing "King Gimp" on January 1, 11, and 23.

Keplinger, a twentysomething Maryland artist with cerebral palsy, has had his work shown internationally. He is represented by the Phyllis Kind Gallery in New York City ( "Art is what made my identity," says in an article on the website. "Art came from emotion very deep inside of me, saying what I had never said before, taking me in a new direction as far as I could go and then to a new place. With painting, I could express myself clearly without anybody interpreting for me. . . . The headstick is my only hand. Although it has no fingers and it's slow, it gets the paint on the canvas. The minute my headstick goes on, I don't hear other people in the room, everything is filtered out creating a state of purity possible only through art."

"Who says disabled people do not have any adventures?" he writes on his own website ( Links to stories appearing when "King Gimp" won the Academy Award can be found on the website of Towson University journalism professor Beth Haller at

Read the first part of Dan Keplinger's interview in Ability magazine at

The documentary is available for purchase through the University of Maryland's Video Press at

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