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Media Matters Archives - Index

1. Welcome to "Media Matters"

2. Understanding the reporter's mindset

3. How do I serve up the info? Any way the reporter wants it!

4. How to alienate a reporter

5. Losing those "I don't have time right now" blues

6. The news doesn't "just happen"

7. Coverage versus publicity

8. When and why should I use a news release?

9. Crafting a news release

10. Sending out the news release: how to make sure it gets read

11. Creating and maintaining your media list

12. Don't send your news release -- unless you want it used

13. Are you media-shy?

14. Are there any advantages to working with mass media?

15. Did I say that? Don't be so sure you didn't.

16. What's an "op-ed" article -- and why should you want one?

17. Writing an op-ed, part 1

18. Writing an op-ed, part 2

19. Writing an op-ed, part 3

20. A word is a word is a word -- or is it?

21. Words have their own life

22. The best-laid plans . . .

23. When asking for a correction may be the wrong move

24. Our June Training Workshop

25. Freebies, give-aways and big documents

26. Planning your report to attract media attention

27. Using "news hooks" in your report

28. Structuring your report to interest the media

29. How to release your report

30. Using a media campaign to publicize your report

31. Dissemination and utilization: reaching the media effectively through your website

32. Dissemination and utilization: your internet website and email serve different functions

33. Dissemination and utilization: email is not enough!

34. How will the world find your website? Getting search engines to work for you.

35. Can everyone actually get info from your website? Not if you use PDF.

36. Keep it simple!

37. The value of archives and dating

38. Make lists!

39. What do you have to say about the holidays?

40. African-Americans and disability research: worth news coverage

41. How to get a newspaper to write an editorial supportive of your issue

42. Using local television news coverage for dissemination

43. Does your dissemination constitute "lobbying"?

44. "Talking points": they're called that for a reason

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