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Texas gets Medicaid waiver for 4,000 people

Feb. 24, 2004 -- Last week the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services' Centers on Medicaid and Medicare Services approved a long-awaited Medicaid "home and community-based services waiver." Medicaid waivers allow states to waive Medicaid regulations. Texas now gets to waive the requirment, written into Medicaid law, that money be used to institutionalize people. This waiver, one of hundreds nationwide, will allow state officials to use Medicaid dollars to pay for services in an indivividual's home.

The waiver approved Feb. 17 will provide services to persons who are developmentally disabled or mentally retarded who otherwise would require care in a nursing home or other institution. "Those served under this waiver will receive respite care, minor home modifications, skilled nursing, adaptive aids, behavioral support, specialized therapies, dental treatment and other services," says a press release from HHS.

"The waiver will help nearly 4,000 state residents, many of whom are currently on waiting lists for these services," says the release.

More about Medicaid Waivers at our website

A story in the Jan. 26 Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported that some parents of disabled children who need Medicaid services are divorcing in order to qualify for the low-income program. Only low-income individuals receive Medicaid.


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